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In a written communication, “P.S.” stands for the Latin phrase post scriptum, which means “after writing.” It is meant to reflect the fact that the text marked with “P.S.” was added after the other material had already been written, as an afterthought.

However, this post's "P.S." is another result of my super long blog address.  I am copying and pasting my most recent post on this new one, so that it can be linked up properly at Dawn's blog hop.  (The previous post title was too long and was not able to link up).

Actually, years ago, when I was thinking of what to call the art that I do, "P.S." also was purposefully chosen.

Personalized in the catch phrase that I also use with identifying the art I do...
"P.S.'s all about You!"

(thank you for bearing with me as I repost this one, but I didn't want to totally delete the original post, so that I would not lose the kind comments that were left on that one).

I usually manage to get only one post up a week, but after I read my dear blog friend's post about how she came to name her blog TaylorsOutback...& then read that she joined in with As Sweet as Cinnamon, for Dawn's question and linkup:
"What's Your Name?"

...joining in with this fun Blog Hop...

First a little background, just in case you are new to my blog. I am blessed and thankful for the Lord Jesus, my dear family, friends...a wonderful life.  I love to sew, craft, cook, crochet, quilt (I am a novice quilter) and I love to draw.

I have been doing the art that I do since 1985. More on that HERE.  Since those first orders in 1985, I have called it Personalized Sketches.  Each "sketch" is drawn entirely with a person's name.   And I have always said it as "Personalized's All about You!" or "'s All about You!"

 This is a newspaper clipping taken in 1988, when my hubby was in flight school and we lived in Alabama.

I love, love, love to do them and love the great stories of those that they were drawn for.  Go here: Steam Engine to read the fun story behind it.

It is so fun to see what people ask to be drawn...Any subject matter is possible.

Well, for many years, I have had customers ask if I had a website, so that they could share with and show their family and friends.  (Often it is hard to visualize what it means that each is drawn using a name. & even when I am at a show and some are actually looking at the samples displayed, some initially do not "see" the names over and over...until *click* there is that "ah-ha moment!" :o)

...but I felt that I was not computer/tech savvy, so I was very hesitant to get connected on line.

Until in 2009, our daughter (Girly~Twirly) showed us her wonderful blog that she started while they were in medical and dental school and newlyweds.   Prior to that, I didnt even know what a blog was!

Also, that same year our cousin started her very successful Etsy shop.
Well, with the patience and help, answering many questions, I started my Etsy Shop. Etsy shop.
At that time, our daughter gifted me with a blog design, so that I could get this blog started.

I knew that I wanted to share the art that I do and a bit about what was behind the wonderful family...I'm so thankful for them.

 (Our Christmas 2010 family photo)
"Awesome" (son-in-law), Girly~Twirly", "Girly~Whirly", "Heartbreaker", 
me, & my handsome Hubby

...This is the "Sentiments" part of my blog name... Sentiments of family memories and photos (that I can recall and have for our future grandchildren to look and read). 

...and also those kind Sentiments that customers have sent me about their art that they had ordered, given or received.

I wish that I had known back then that my URL address did NOT have to be what my name on my blog was going to be. If I had known, I certainly would not have made my address to be so long!! Goodness! It took me forever to scribble that down on a piece of paper for people that I would bump into. haha

...So, I definitely made new business cards right away, with that ridiculously long URL address! lol

Now that it has been a couple of years since I started my blog,  Etsy Shop and facebook art page, I am feeling more and more comfortable with how this all works!  I am still learning as I go and I appreciate soooo much all the blog friends that still answer the questions I have.  Also, like I mentioned earlier, I still usually manage to get my "ONE post a week" post up, each week.

I am blessed to have met so many wonderful blog friends that would not have been possible otherwise!


I also usually like to share some past art orders at the end of each post. So, I close with these:

I thank all you for thinking of Personalized Sketches
...of your homes....

...your careers...

...your interests...

...your hobbies...

...your military service...

...your wedding...

....your births...

 ...your children...

...your pets...

...your passions...

...and whatever it may be that is special in your lives...

Thank you for stopping by! I do try very hard to be sure to return your visits and hope you come back by my place...any time!

Oh one last thing, my last week's post has a great giveaway from UPrinting that is great to use either for your business needs or even personal invitations, announcements, etc... Please be sure to take a look if you are interested. The giveaway for the 250 cardstock printed flyers, ends Oct 20th at midnight.

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Amy said...

The baby elephant sketches are so adorable. :) The rest of your sketches are just as beautiful.

Your blog address might be long but it really says what your blog is all about. I know if you get your own domain, you can actually select a shorter blog address but still link back to your site. If you're looking for a "solution" for that.

Take care and have a good weekend.


Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I glad you did because I have enjoyed looking at your blog. Your sketches are amazing. What a beautiful family you have and I like your nick names for your kids and SIL. Nice article picture also.
Keep sketching!

Liz said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed reading yours and you have such a lovely family. You will have some great looking grand children. catch up with you soon.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hi there, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. It's been wonderful to read about your amazing and clever drawings. You are so talented. You are so blessed to have such a lovely supportive family. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

The Tame Lion said...

Excellent! Nice post!

AnNaRicHiE said...

Wow! those are wonderful sketches!
and your daughter is beautiful..
I got all your sweet comments but was busy at work.I just want to say thank you for your time.I do hope that I could visit your shop and all your drawings.
keep up the good work.

April said...

Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog! I am returning the favor on both of your sites. If you are ever interested in a Blog Makeover please take a look at my portfolio and packages when you get a chance. I hope you have an awesome day!

A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio
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Romanian Princess said...

Hi, Nicole here from Romanian Princess. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower! Please come stop by my blog and if you like it, PLEASE follow! Thanks!

XoXo Nicole Mariana

Sonja Threadgill Nelson said...

Hi Maria!
Thanks for being my newest follower, & the lovely comment you made about how I named my blog. You have a lovely blog, great sketches, & a very nice story. Consider me your newest fan on FB as well. Have a wonderful evening!

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

I always enjoy a pop over here. Your family Christmas photo was fabulous. I love all your kids nicknames too, very cute. Have a wonderful weekend.

Semper Wifey said...

Thank you for joining in the Marine Birthday Bash! I hope you'll come back the rest of the week! :)

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