Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kiddie rhymes and games...

 *Edited note: We will be on a trip, so will be sure to return your lovely visits, when we return*

Who remembers this one?

"So, so, Suck your toe...
....All the way to Mexico...
...riding on a buffalo...

I think I first heard this one in the 4th grade.

By this time, my family had moved from Wakkinai AFB, Japan to Kelly AFB, Texas (SanAntonio, TX).

My hubby and I were laughing about how I learned it and how he learned it! The way he learned it when he was a kid, growing up in Hawaii, was:
 "So, so, Suck your toe...
...All the way to Tokoyo...

This was a photo of my Handsome Hawaiian Honey when he was almost 7 years old and his 8 year old big brother  by their driveway.
I remember playing outside for hours and hours..playing jump rope games, chase, hopscotch, Chinese Jump rope, Red light/Green light, Simon Says, Red Rover, kick ball, dodge ball, Mother May I?, jacks, with the neighborhood kids...til almost dark.

Here are some others that I remember from around the 4th grade:

 ~Hand-clapping games~
Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, all dressed in black black black, w/silver buttons...all down her back...she asked her mother...for 50 see the elephants jump over the fence...They jumped so high...They reached the sky...They didn't come back...till the 4th of July!

Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky
Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky
Where the eeps, ops, sodapops
Hey Mr. Lilypad and went kerplops

A sailor went to sea sea sea
To see what he could see see see
And all that he could see see see
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea.

Down down baby down by the roller coaster... sweet sweet baby sweet sweet don't let me go... shimmey shimmey coco pop... shimmey shimmey ra... shimmey shimmey coco pop... shimmey shimmey ra... i have a boyfriend... a biscuit he's so cute... a triscuit... knock me off my feet...a biscuit...apples on the table... peaches on the floor... step down baby... i don't love you any more

Concentration, concentration now begins, Keep that rhythm...numbers... (or flowers or any other category you choose)...such as...

I am a pretty little Dutch Girl
As Pretty as Pretty can be!
And all the boys around the block, go crazy over me!
One day when I was walkin,
I heard my boyfriend talkin,
to a pretty little girl
with strawberry curls
and this is what he said to her:
I L-O-V-E Love you!
I K-I-S-S Kiss you!
I K-I-S-S Kiss you on your

(Girly~Twirly in 3rd grade, Hawaii during the May Day 1992 activities in school). 

~Rhymes to pick teams~
Eenie meenie minie moe... Catch a tiger by the toe... If he hollers, let him go... my momma told me to pick the very best one and you are not it!

Engine, engine, number nine, going down Chicago line, if the train falls off its tracks, do you want your money back?

In Wisconsin, at my parent's home, during our 1992 visit, when we left Hawaii and were being reassigned to Alabama. 

(Our three playing with the frogs they caught.)

~Jump roping games~

strawberry shortcake huckleberry pie who will be your lucky guy?

Cinderella, dressed in yella
Went upstairs to kiss her fella
She made a mistake & kissed the snake
How many doctors did it take?

...another jump rope game, was to pull the jump rope taut and jump over it... each time, holding the jump rope higher and higher...and the winner was the last person that was able to jump over it, the highest.

(Girly~Whirly in 3rd grade, when we lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by the door to our house). 
(Oh another game, Girly~Whirly reminded me of was the string game (to make the Cat's cradle and Jacob's ladder, etc... she said when she was in 3rd grade her class was crazy about playing that and that her teacher had to "ban" all the yarn, cuz the kids were so distracted with playing that! haha)

~Game played opposite a friend~ 
(you jump and kick your feet back and forth)

tweet baby tweet baby
my momma said she rocks in the tree top
all day long
huffing and a puffing
and a singing that song
all the little birdies on chamber street
love to hear the robins going
tweet tweet tweet
rockin' robin
tweet, tweet

And in school, we played also played:
Tether Ball, Head up 7-up, Four square...

(Heartbreaker in 3rd grade, when we lived in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky).

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Here are a few "baby info" art that are recently completed:

Frog was drawn with the first name: GRAHAM

Lion was drawn entirely with this little one's nickname QUINT
(He is William Allister the V.)

This one was drawn with the name: BRAYDON.

I'd love to hear some of the rhymes or games you played as a kid!

Thank you for stopping by! I will catch up and return your lovely visits when we return from our trip. 

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La said...

Great walk down Memory Lane. I haven't heard most of these for many MANY years.

Be sure to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway.

Have a great day! La

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

I've only heard of a couple of the rhymes :-) never heard of the suck the toe one-lol!

I love your drawings with color in them. :-)

Thanks for tolerating my private blog now :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember these, haven't thought of 'em in long time, thanks for the smiles and sharing these great photo's.

LV said...

You certainly took me back to my childhood today. That was the only way we had to entertain ourselves doing some of these games. I do not recall the had one tho. How many children today have ever heard of these let alone play them. Memories are not all bad.

Anonymous said...

That certainly was a great stroll down memory lane! I hadn't thought about some of those rhymes/games for many years.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I was just singing Miss Mary Mack to JDaniel earlier in the week! I love these old rhyming songs.

Amy said...

Those pictures are precious! You're a beauty already at 4th grade! :) Thanks for sharing. Love those baby sketches you did. So adorable. I'm also catching up on emails and comments!!! I'm so behind! Since I grew up in Hong Kong, all the childhood rhymes games I played are in Chinese. I still remember a rhyme song that I learn from Kindergarten! Amazing, huh? :)


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

so very interesting make me laugh too....nice family pictures

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I recognized a few of them...

I loved jumping rope as a kid while reciting rhymes.

The pics are wonderful!!!

Judie said...

Of course we played those rhyming games when we were young. Great post. Wonderful photos, too!!

myorii said...

Wow definitely a stroll down memory lane for me! I didn't recognized some of the rhymes you shared but the ones I did definitely brought back memories of days in elementary school :)

Esther Joy said...

Hadn't heard the "suck your toe" one, but maybe because I am part Dutch, was VERY familiar with the "I am a pretty little Dutch girl!"

taylorsoutback said...

Some of those were new to me but so many took me back - wondering if kids nowadays know any of those rhymes and games. And do they even make jacks anymore? Remember when you had to have a special little handmade bag to hold the jacks and ball? Much simpler times then...

Melissa said...

Your sketches are beautiful! I grew up in San Antonio. Both of my parents and aunt worked at Kelly AFB.


Cheryl D. said...

Great walk down memory lane!

Jenny said...

Kute, kute, kute K link!

Although I think I must be ancient since I don't remember more than two or three of these!


Hope your trip is lovely and your Fourth is filled with sparkles!

Thanks for linking.


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Miss Mary Mack was my all time fav. Happy 4th to you my sweet friend!~Such cute pictures as always.

xinex said...

Wow! So may of them you can remember. Cute childhood photos of the whole family, Maria.....Christine

♥Mama of the Littles♥ said...

Following you back from Military monday blog hop!
angela heffner

trooppetrie said...

I cannot wait to post my pictures and review of my wonderful prize this weekend

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

I am not familiar with most of those. I grew up in the mountains and it seems that we had our own set of rhymes! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Sherry said...

Some of those are new to me, and I thought I knew a lot of children's verses. I remember the one about Cinderella and the sailor who went to sea, sea, sea. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.

The Miller's said...

Oh I LOVE this!! Thank you for reminding me of the old hand clapping ones!! I was trying to think of them forever... my memory kept failing me. BUT I am so glad I found someone whose memory is better at remembering them! :o)


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