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Hanscom Air Force Base

...around August of 1967, my dad got reassigned from Clark AFB, Philippines to... 

Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts.

...We moved from my dad's assignment in the Philippines, when I was 3 years old.  But, first, before heading to Hanscom AFB, we flew to meet my dad's family and spend time with them in Wisconsin. 


...After an awesome stay with my dad's side of the family, I would have my first taste of cold temps...

1967 October-ish... playing in all the leaves, bundled up in my warm little coat.


...more colder weather!

Apparently, I didn't want to wear my wool pea coat in the first photo...

...but I was ready to go with my little white purse, soft woolen cap, white gloves and white boots...and of course, one of my teddy bears.

These were taken by our rental home in Bedford, MA, where we lived until our living quarters on the military base was ready.

...the heavy snowfall in the next photo (taken on a different day), must have meant a further drop in the temperature.  Looks like I was coming home from a business trip! haha


Hanscom Air Force Base:
(facts from

" Middlesex County, Mass touches the towns of Bedford, Concord, Lincoln & Lexington - birthplace of America."

"....approximately 20 miles NW of Boston ...and about 4 hours from New York City".


Summer 1968, on Hanscom AFB, meant a visit from my dad's mom and dad (Grandma & Grandpa)...
We went sightseeing with them to see Plymouth Rock (but that story is for a future post). And other sights near our home...

My Grandpa and I enjoying some sunshine...he's sitting on the back steps (you can see what is the cellar door in the foreground). And I am eating a banana popscicle.  This was the back of the military housing on Hanscom AFB.

The walkway went back up to where the parking lot was for the townhouse/row style houses. And there was a big field behind the trees by our house. (I remember when a little pond froze over and I was able to go ice skating for the first little skates had the double blades, so that I could stay up easier).


I would start kindergarten in 1968, when I was 4 years old.  (My 5th birthday would be in Dec of 1968).

One of my earliest memories (without the help of looking at a photo), is a kindergarten field trip to a museum. And seeing huge art sculptures of a gigantic eraser and pencil.

In my kindergarten report card (couldn't find it today to show here), my teacher wrote that I was a child that has to have "...her own way..." (hopefully, I wasn't too much of a handful!)


Hanscom Airfield
(timeline info from 

-May 1941, large farmlands purchased to build one of 240 new civil airports to serve for national defense.
-mid-1942, leased the Bedford airport to War Dept for use by the Army Air Forces.
-1942-1943, site for training fighter squadrons.
-since 1945, AF's center for development and acquisition of electronic systems.
-1961, Electronic Systems Division (ESD) established.
-1973, all regular flying operations ceased. Primary operation was the ESD.
-1992, ESD redesignated Electronic Systems Center (ESC), part of the AF Material Command.
-1994, ESC-AF Center of Excellence for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.
-2004, ESC reorganized then again in 2006, and then again in 2010
-May 2011, Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate moves from Hanscom to Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio (after 60 years in Hanscom).
...still home to 66th Force Support Squadron.

Click for more on the history of Hanscom Airfield.

When I was looking on line for some info on Hanscom Air Force Base, I saw some of the military housing available.  There were a lot of old ones that were torn down and new homes built. But there were also still some that were renovated,  that looked like the ones I lived in, back in 1967 - 1969.

In the first photo, you can see these townhouse/row style homes in the background.

The bottom photo shows some that have the remodeled and renovated interiors, but the exterior structures look unchanged.

Another story, that I don't remember too well...but was confirmed by my dad... back in those early childhood years on Hanscom AFB...

...I was playing with matches! And when I got one to light up, I "put" it out by throwing the match in a clothes hamper! yeah, that didnt work. The fire dept had to be called to our home! Thankfully, it didnt cause too much damage.

I thought it would be fun to post these photos of my Handsome Hawaiian Hunk of a Hubby, during similar time frames as I shared on this post...

While I lived on Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, he lived as far west from me in Hilo, Hawaii.

I am  joining in this week's  Alphabe-Thursday's "H" with Jenny!
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Here are some most recent art that I have completed and shipped off. The first one, I'd already shared but it was only shown in black and white. 

 This was drawn from various images on this couple's wedding invitations.

This is it after I added color.

Another wedding piece that was inspired by this couple's wedding invitations.

I've many more to share, but for now, I will add this one.

Etsy message from Korin: 
"My name is Korin, and I am a friend of ML, and she has raved about your work for years!  My husband is getting ready to retire, and I was wondering if you were able to do a picture of a M1A2 tank with our last name Hardt?"

Korin, Thank you so much for contacting me and it was great to find that you are also an Army Blogger Wife .  :o) I look forward to seeing how you mat and frame yours.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Maria; your family and your sketches are lovely....I learn so much reading your posts...

Michelle A'etonu said...

i love how you have all of these old photos! i've only driven through MA with my family and that was decades ago. It's one of the states that I wish to visit soon!

EG Wow said...

How HONEST of you to admit what was written on your report card. It made me laugh out loud. :))

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

Maria, you are too cute for words!

I'm always amazed by your drawings and I'm lucky enough to have my monogram to look at every day :-)

Lola said...

Love all yr posts!

Happy A-Thursday!

XOXO Lola:)

ellen b. said...

Wow! Love all the old photos. You really span the globe with your family and friends! Blessings...

LV said...

Marie, you have come a long way since those days. I am sure the teacher would remember you since you had a mind of your own. I really like that anniversary sketch of the tree.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I always enjoy seeing old photos and hearing the story behind them. I enjoyed my visit.

Pondside said...

Thanks for sharing those sweet memories. Lovely H's!

xinex said...

You were so cute, Maria but you look the same. I can see you in those photos....Christine

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Oh my gosh! You can't imagine my surprise when I saw Hanscom Airfield in print!

I was in the Air Force in the late 1970's and Hanscom was my first permanent party base after basic and tech school.

Small world, eh???

myorii said...

You're so cute when you were little! Wow, I can never imagine what it's like to be from a military family background. It's pretty interesting hearing your account of what it's like to be living in different military bases as you were growing up. Those houses look pretty nice too! I've always wondered what military base housing looked like. They look a lot nicer than what I had imagined in my head :)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love the old photos!

How much fun to remember all of those sweet moments from your childhood...

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post. I love the old pictures. You have quite a handful of H words here. Your pictures, as always, are wonderful.


Sue said...

You always have so many neat family pictures. Your parents must have been very good about taking them. (And your husband's family seems to have done well, too!)


Esther Joy said...

My youngest sis used to live in Mass, and I've seen some of that snow!!! Loved the part about the matches and the fire dept!

upinthecosmos said...

Sounds like you've been involved in the military life all of your life. Great pics & art, I really love what you did with the tree:-)

Jenny said...

Wow, talk about climate and culture shock. I love the pictures of you! You are just as adorable now, though, as you were then!

Your tree drawing is so neat!

Thanks for a happy stop this week!

Hugs and A+

Judie said...

Another delightful and family-oriented post from you! And I always love to see what you have been working on!

taylorsoutback said...

Great memories for you - all the photos are precious! I think growing up in a military family often presents so many opportunities that enrich our lives as adults.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Thank you for stopping by, and your blog is just wonderful. All the wonderful pictures I could spend all day here just looking at them all. Thanks for sharing, and do come back again soon. I am your latest follower. Nice to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend.

LDH said...

I can't imagine that you were a child that had to have ...her own way... not sweet little you! :) Well, your way must have been a kind and likable way cause that is just what you are today!

Veronica Lee said...

I always enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with you, Maria! Your posts are always so sweet. Love the pics. Too cute!

Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

You are a cutie patootie!
Love this art!
Great H post, wish we were in Hilo!
And My Daddy was stationed in the Phillipines in WWII.

Hey I'm having my first giveaway June 15th!
Sure hope you can join us(HappierThanAPigInMud),we are having a cookalong with the Pillsbury Doughboy and I'm giving away a Pillsbury cookbook and a doughboy.

Alicia said...

Hi Maria! It's amazing how many photos you have!!! I think your son looks so much like you when you were a baby!!!!

How is your summer coming along? Do you have plans to see your children?

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

It puts smile to my face looking at old picture, so cute. You have such wonderful family

Amanda M. said...

I'm now following you back :) Funny it's a small world. I live in the old houses that have been remodeled.

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