Wednesday, May 11, 2011

D is for Date...

We had a wonderful visit this past weekend! blessed to be able to drive up to see and spend time with our kids.

We were able to spend time with Girly~Twirly and her hubby and his parents...
spend time with Girly~Whirly and see her boyfriend graduate from dental school, meet his family...
...celebrate Girly~Twirly's hubby's (Awesome) upcoming birthday...
...celebrate Heartbreaker's birthday with the whole family...
...havea  birthday breakfast with Heartbreaker and his girlfriend before we had to drive back 11 hours!
...celebrate Mother's day...

I took lots of photos, but will have to share those on a future post! 
I am busy with drawing orders, so will do a repost of sorts today.  

Taking parts of an old post and editing parts here:

I am  joining in this week's  Alphabe-Thursday's "D" with Jenny!

D is for DATE...

Mr. B called me up after being "shy" when he saw me at the commissary, the day after we met.  (Alamogordo, New Mexico)

He really is "Mr. Social man", so I thought that was so not "cool" when he basically passed me by as I was bagging groceries. 
Later, he tells me that he went to to pick up a couple of groceries knowing that I was working, but when he came by my line, he got cold feet. (Too cute!)  Thankfully, he got up the nerve and gave me a call.

Here's a picture of me "back in the day" my house phone...that I was "patiently" waiting to ring. (this photo was not actually taken on THE night that he had called me, but it is the phone and when I found this photo, I thought how neat that you can see the phone I was talking about...haha, that magical phone).

    , our first date was to go to the theater on base.  

My title to this post is "First Date...Remembered?" 
because, all that we both remember was:  

1. He walked to my house from his barracks...
2. He met my parents and brother... 
3. We walked to the theater...
4. We sat in the theater (I do not even remember what movie was playing! I was too focused on Mr. B!  Since he has an awesome memory, I asked Mr. B tonight, if he was sure that he absolutely could not remember the movie...he couldn't... so that must mean that he was too focused on me. :o)
5.  After the movie, we walked back to my house.  

(When we first started dating, Mr. B did not own any "wheels", so we walked.  Living on a base or any military installation is pretty convenient. They are like little towns, with a grocery store, shopping store, fast food places, theater, bowling, gym, swimming pools, etc...) 

And like I mentioned, my dad was pretty strict... there were not too many places that I had permission to go.  We got to be pretty good bowlers :o)

***so as far as first dates go...not too much was remembered, except the "excited-to-be-near-him", butterfly-in-the-belly, "can't-believe-he-asked-me-out" feelings.  It definitely was the beginning to an amazing journey :o)*** 

Here are a few photos taken when we were dating:

Mr. B and my little brother. (I have no clue why they are pinching each other's cheeks!) haha

at my house, before my high school prom

close up of the "official" school prom photo

a classic 1981 prom pic!

Mr. B did  eventually buy a Scout from one of my dad's friends, so we didnt have to walk to every date ;o) 
It was a gas guzzler! 

I found this photo of Mr. B (in his tshirt and white corderoy shorts) washing his old Scout.

And here is a picture of Mr. B riding one of his friend's Harleys.  


Here are some most recent orders.

Thank you Vicki (Change in a Bottle) for your order! It was fun to do the arrowhead and I love the quote that you sent me to add to the bottom.

Vicki emailed me when it arrived:
"YES! it was here when I came home today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ...
 ...I'll post on the blog about it and on FB too. Can't wait to get it framed and to dad on fathers day, he'll love it too:)"

This was taken from images that were on the wedding invitation/announcement. I just took the separate image of the one bird and drew it to the other images.

This was the wedding logo designed by the bride and groom that was on all their wedding invitations/website, etc...

Erika, Thank you again for ordering another military thank you gift from your unit's wives.

...I have more, but will post those next time.

Thanks for stopping... & I will be sure to return  your lovely visits... And I will be  posting the names of the two winners of the giveaway of the flags from last week. That giveaway ends this Friday, so will post the winners in my next week's post on May 18th. Please come back and check .

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LV said...

Loved another journey of your life and family. It is always nice visiting your loved ones, but,my, yours sounded like a very big, busy weekend. So happy you are doing well with your sketches.

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

Oh Maria, you and your hubby are such a cute couple! I love hearing how couples met :-)

Hop on the No Rules Blog Tour!

H said...

What a lovely memory for you and great smiley photos to go with it!

Jingle said...

lovely D words...
beautiful shots.
Hope that you have enjoyed a fabulous mother's Day weekend,

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! They certainly brought back memories of my youth.


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Enjoyed the first date story. You probably had to wait a while for the call because he probably had a rotary dial phone too! Loved the senior prom pictures.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I love romantic stories like this. and it woud appear the romance continues. I had a similar cream dress for my Grad, and Mr.B rocks the feathered hair : )

Vicki aka Jake said...

Maria, you always share the best memories on here! You two are just adorable:)

And I'm glad you posted about the Arrowhead you made for me. I'm waiting to have it framed and will give it to dad for Fathers Day next month. I'll also post about it on the blogs then. Thanks again for creating this, your talent is unsurpassed!!

Jenny said...

Well, geez. No wonder he was smitten! You are gorgeous! And still are!

The curtains in the Scout cracked me up! I'm not sure why they struck me as so funny, but... hmmm...

I really enjoyed reading this post of how you two met! You are both just so delightful!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog post,yall are a beautiful family.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Sweet story Maria....1981; goodness, my oldest was 6 years old then....making me realize my age Take care

Gattina said...

First date stories are always so cute ! and you are such a handsome couple !

Pblacksaw said...

wonderful D post.. I adore the drawings.. have a great day!

Judie said...

As you know, I ADORE seeing your family pictures!!!!

Mrs. Adventure said...

Congrats you won my giveaway last week, please send me an email with you info.

Jenny said...

Oh no! You lost all your comments, too. It's so strange...some people still have most of theirs, some have a few, and some have zero like you and me!

I just wanted you to know I stopped by yesterday, though.

Loved your delightful love story. And the curtains in the Scout made me smile!

You two look just the same all these years later.

Thanks for linking.


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

What a beatuiful love story. I love to hear first date and dating storied, they bring back such fond memories. You make the cutest couple...still:)

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Very nice pictures!

I just found your blog through one of the Saturday blog hops! Have a great weekend. Can't wait to read more!

Amanda @

Odahingum said...

Lovely story of your first date!
Just stopping by from the Spotlight Saturday Blog hop. Hope to see you at my site!
Stopping by from the Spotlight Blog Hop! Great Blog! ☺ ☺ ☺

Odahingum from

I'm following via GFC! ☺ ☺ ☺

Lisa Ladrido said...

Now following from the Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop! Love your prom pics!~Lisa
Shake off my booty one shake at a time!

SavannahGranny said...

it was so fun to hear about your first date. It was sooo sweet. He is so handsome and you are so beautiful. You make a lovely couple. I love that your Dad was strict. Were you strict with your kids? I think our children appreciate guidelines. Love your blog. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Ginger

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Maria,
The slack one here, just catching up again...good to see that hunk of a hubby and you are still enjoying life together and that you are busy with drawing orders.
Take care, Hugs,

xinex said...

You are such a cute couple, Maria and it shows how much you both love each other...Christine

myorii said...

Aww, I love reading about first dates and how a couple first got started. They give me the warm fuzzies :) Those are some amazingly fun pictures of Mr. B, I must say! You two make such a cute couple!

Mo said...

It was so nice to read about your first date and as always i love seeing the photos! Glad to hear you're busy with orders!!!!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

What a romantic first date, Maria! It's sweet how you both can't remember the movie since you were so preoccupied with thoughts of each other.

Love the photos of you and your husband. Such great memories to treasure! =)

Anonymous said...

You both were gorgeous,and yall still are,sooo sweet!

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