Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy Bee!

My honey has been a busy bee!
(photo by Nick Kalkounis)

I'm joining in for the first time with Susan for Metamorphasis Monday. I have gone and seen such many amazing changes shared by other bloggers... although this particular transformation is not of my doing...I had to share the wonderful changes courtesy of my awesome hubby :o)

First of all, I have to say that I do appreciate when he organizes and goes through things! He is so good at getting rid of unnecessary stuff... I have a tendency to hang on to "bits-n-pieces", odds-n-ends", this-n-that"... I mean...ya never know when that "special something" could come in handy!

Well, I came home Friday from work to find that my hubby was already home from his office... And that he was going through some kitchen cabinets!  Oh dear! It really is best that I am not going through the stuff with him.

He had bought us an indoor grill/griddle and couldn't find room in a cabinet to put it, so...

(I have to admit.... that I sometimes get a wee bit grumpy that he is having to go through my messes...but it's cuz, I know I should not have let it get to a mess...but, in the end, the results always look wonderful. & I LOVE that he did it! :o)

I didn't take any "BEFORE" photos...but, um...actually, I'm glad that I didnt.  But here are the "AFTER" photos. It all looks so good! Thank you Mr. B!  Now, my goal is to keep it that way.
I've been at my drawing board... & here are some that I have done... (click on each image, if you would like to see a bigger view).
I am so thankful that others continue to have interest in the drawings that I do, so will continue to share them in my posts.

This one was for a "fellow-Etsier".  Robin has ordered for her hubby and then this one for her daughter, who is a wonderful gymnast.
This is what she had to say:
This is my 2nd sketch from Maria! She's amazing and so is her work! 
As soon as I can figure out who else to buy for - I will be back!! :D  
Thank you, Robin!
Also...Robin does beautiful jewelry. You can see them HERE.


This little angel drawing with all the birth information was ordered for a long time customer, fellow-military spouse and friend.  She ordered this one for her niece.

T. Patterson:  "Got the print...It is PERFECT!!!!  Love it!"

Blessings & Aloha!


MadeInCanarias said...

Looks like Mr. B did a great job! :D
Love the angel drawing!

Jen said...

Wow! It's like a kitchen makeover! How refreshing! And as always, your drawings are beautiful!

yonca said...

Your new kitchen looks pretty. Happy Sunday!

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

WOW..wish my husband could do that....I'm the neat organized one!!!! Love the angel sketch and all your large photo pictures!!! Happy Sunday

BeadNestDesigns said...

Thanks Maria... your sketches are amazing and my daughter just loves her gymnast! She made a picture of your sketch her screen saver on her phone too! :)

Anonymous said...

if i did that to our kitchen, i would have to buy flowers and eat out for at least a week lol


I'm so impressed! I love the video tour - way to go Mr. B!
Beautiful artwork, too!
(I'm an etsier, too :) )

~ RM said...

Wow... Good job Mr. B!! I am jealous of that coffee station! ;) We have the teeny-tiniest galley kitchen ever~ I have to lug out anything I want to use from a pantry- and I have to have everything organized or I will go mad!! So I can appreciate the need for a good 'de-clutter' day.
OMG, I love that clock that your mom and dad made- it's so great! I love clocks- I don't have enough of them. I would really like to start a small collection.

And tell your chickadees they took some awesome pictures! They are all so cool- would not have thought to take a picture of pickles... Is Twirly trying to tell you something?? :) Maybe those grandbabies are coming sooner than you think!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I don't normally comment back on my comments, but thought I would today.

Thank you all so much for coming by and for your comments! I will try to get by to all your wonderful blogs.

Made in Canarias (Ave)...yes, Mr. B did an awesome job de-cluttering and organizing :o) That little angel fits perfect for her sweet, little niece. is like a fresh kitchen makeover. I'm happy to share the drawings that others have requested.

Yonca...Happy Sunday to you too :o)

Lynn...haha I need to be more organized! And I am blessed to have Mr. B willing to step in through some of my "collections". And it was great to have our kids touch when doing the photos for our kitchen.

BeadNestDesigns (Robin) I am so happy your daughter loves her drawing..what a neat idea to make a screen saver.

Wheelboy Oh, flowers and eating out sounds great! haha
Also noticed that you were given the Happy 101 award (aka blog hug). This is one that our daughter created for her 101st post.

RM...The coffee cupboard also has tea inspired it is great to have it all in one spot. Our dishes and glasses cupboard does stay orderly (I love that we found those racks, when we first moved in, to stack our dishes upright... so easy to get at and put away.
& haha the photos were taken when we first moved in also, so the pickles were taken 5 yrs ago. But Yes, ready for grandbabies any time :o) & I love clocks too!

Blessings & aloha!

LV said...

Thank you Marie for the tour of your kitchen. It is a lovely one and the Mr. did a super job tiding it up. I really enjoy seeing what other work you have done. You still amaze me with your sketches. I am waiting on my bunch to hang theirs, but will send when they do. If you have time, drop by my Blue Monday post this coming Monday.

Bearly Sane said...

Sorry it's been so long between visits...I can't even remember if I thanked you for the award...just in case I didn't...THANK YOU!
How wonderful of Mr B to do that for you...Glenn wouldn't be game to put his head in mine! LOL!
I adore the Angel, so very are sooo clever with your pen.
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Too Many Hats said...

Send Mr. B here. My pantry needs a good going over.

Dani Joy said...

I love your blog and your drawings! How do you do that?

I love your kitchen and what a blessing to have a hubby who organizes! I too would feel a little badly but in the end be sooo gushing over it like you did! What a totally beautiful kitchen!! love it! Maybe I can get mine to shine too!

Thank you for coming over to visit every so often. I love your comments and smiles!

Dani Joy

xinex said...

Mr. B really did a great job! Nice clean countertops. Your drawings are amazing...Christine

Alicia said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful, and I admire your sketches so much. I have never seen anything like it!! You are so blessed with that artistic talent!

momstheword said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the pictures your kids did and also the one of the clock that your parents made. What a treasure!

As always your drawings are awesome!

Debbie said...

Maria, what a wonderful surprise to come home to a clean and organized kitchen. I think that Mr. B is a keeper, that's for sure. :)

I am also in the process of cleaning up. I've been cleaning out my closets and getting rid of so much stuff. I can't believe I accumulated so much because I'm not really a collector of things.

You and your family are so talented. Love the photos you all took and of course, your artwork is awesome. Very unique for a special gift.

Love and hugs to you,

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a touching post, you and your wonderful husband are both so gifted in your own wonderful (and immensely creative) ways.

Wishing you a blissful Friday & weekend ahead,
♥ Jessica

Alely L. said...

Hi! Mahalo for stopping by and for the sweet comments! Funny, my husband and I are the same way. He is much neater than I am : ). Your family is beautiful and your artwork is amazing! Savannah, Georgia is one of the places I want to visit soon. I hear it is beautiful. We're going on our 4th year here in Charlotte from CA and we absolutely love it. My daughter use to dance hula and tahitian for a halau back in CA. When I first started blogging our blog name was The Lee Ohana....but it has changed many times over the years. I'm fickle that way. lol!

Glad to have found your blog...I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful artwork and reading your posts.


Lynn said...

I came over from CleanMama and have to say beautiful kitchen "makeover"!! Your drawings are wonderful. Beautiful work.

Tom Bailey said...

The bee photo reminds me a great deal of the fact I was told that three of 4 bites of food we take had to have a bee involved in doing the pollenation?

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

chubskulit said...

Oh my goodness, your kitchen is a heaven. Wish hubby would be more organized, you are so blessed Maria!

jamielz said...

You have an amazing talent!

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