Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Blog Hop... Personalized's all about You!

I started this blog at the same time as my Etsy shop...It's a wonderful way to meet new people that otherwise, would not have been possible.

~Here are a few recently completed drawings~

The Kentucky map with the "My Old Kentucky Home" lyrics was a donation for the 3rd Annual Smiles for Life Fashion Show, Brunch & Silent Auction hosted by the University of Kentucky's chapter of American Association of Women Dentists.  This was held on Saturday, the 12th. Our daughters are involved with this worthy event. (with organizing, t shirt designs, modeling...) 

100% of the proceeds support women and children in crisis and need of dental care in conjunction with the Bluegrass Domestic Violence program.  One of the speakers was a recipient and not only received dental care, but was diagnosed with oral cancer.  Currently undergoing treatments, she spoke from her heart and said without these funds, she would not be alive today. 
Molly was one of the winners of a gift certificate selected during the Rooster Party Post.  She is a very talented artist and she sent a photo of one of her paintings for her 8x10 Personalized Sketch.  It is done with her name: MARJORIE.

Nancy is another winner of a gift certificate.  She sent me a wonderful photo of her and her hubby and used her gift certificate towards an 11x14.  Her image was drawn with her name: NANCY & her husband's image was drawn with his name: DICK

 EVERY drawing is drawn ENTIRELY using an individual's name.  ANY subject and ANY name can be done.  (I have been asked in the past if I do them on computer.  (Me &'s another story!) 
These are drawn individually by hand.

& if you're curious as to how Personalized Sketches got started, please go HERE.

I will continue to post samples of Personalized Sketches that I have done, as well as, new orders along the way. 

Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment, grab a button, ask any questions or request...the drawings that have been requested have been of just about anything you can imagine...

Blessings & Aloha!

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Anna said...

Nicw drawings!
Best wishes,
Christina Wigren (aka Anna of "Anna's Adornments")

Chin chin said...

Your sketches are very good. Maybe you could share sketching tips your blog.


wow! nice pieces of arts...

Sally said...

Wow, your work is amazing!!
Your artwork gives new meaning to the phrase "what's in a name"!!!

Lynette said...

interesting work
i could not do that with out the names

Quilt Works said...

I am here from a Blog Hop! This was a great theame!

YOu do beautiful and very original work! I am so pleased ot have found your blog. I am a follower now!

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your art work is so beautiful and so unique. Drawing a person WITHOUT a name is hard enough for me -- but to do it solely in their name is nothing short of breathtaking.

pam said...

Beautiful sketches, and your family is lovely. I grew up going to the dental office, hanging out with my mom, the dental hygentist. Very fun!

Bacardi Mama said...

Thank you again for our beautiful drawing. It is hung proudly in our living room. I will treasure it forever. You are truly an amazing talent.

Becka said...

How neat is that ??Never thought art work could be in a name,,

love the horse,for my girl,the deer for my boys,the church for me & my husband,,

You are good,girl..

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

thank you for the lovely drawing of my rooster drawing. It is so special.

momstheword said...

I don't comment on every blog post either, but I read your blog in my reader.

I didn't used to do that but found that I like reading blogs in my reader first thing in the morning, then I can comment as I have time for.

I get behind like you do, and I find that sometimes I never catch up, lol!

You do such a beautiful job with your sketches! You are so talented, girl!

GranolaMom4God said...

Beautiful sketches! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

whittybrooke said...

Wanted to stop in and say hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog and also for the painting tips. That was my first try so if I do anymore I can hopefully put the advice to good use. Oh, and I saw where you are from Savannah....we been there a couple fo times for vacation and love it! Hoping to come back again sometime soon. :-) Nice 'meeting' you!


Cassie said...

Wow it always amazes me how many different types of talents there are. Congratulations on a truly beautiful talent and a unique one as well!.

Bonnie said...

Those are awesome! See now THAT is art. :) Have you ever taught art? I am always looking for ideas and blogs with projects kids can work on.

PropellerHeadMom said...

Awesome drawings as usual! You are a very talented artist!

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

love love love what you are doing with your art! Glad you came be and enjoyed my spotted horse!
Jan :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such wonderful pieces of art, I especially like the one of the couple. You're such a great portrait artist!

I wanted to say thank you deeply for your immensely sweet comments. Hearing from you always puts a smile on my face. You have such a kind soul and always know just how to brighten my day with your lovely words.

Heartfelt thanks & huge hugs!
♥ Jessica

Faithful Bloggers said...

Those are absolutely amazing! What a gift God has given you. Thanks for stopping by Faithful Bloggers!

Valerie said...

Maria - as usual your blog is so wonderful.. I am back to work, with school starting, and have so little time to visit the blogs I love - one of which is yours!

The video/picture slide shows are such a great addition! I do truly love your artwork. I never realized at first how you did it, but I am totally amazed at your awesome God given talent and eye of creativity. Such nice work!

Maureen said...

wow! i love when you share the ones you've just made! too cool! hope all is well and enjoy your weekend@!


Bacardi Mama said...

I had bunco at my house Wednesday night and the drawing was a huge hit. Several of the girls took your information. I know that one is definitely going to be contacting you. May I just tell you once more how much I love our drawing? I LOVE IT!

Leslee said...

WOW Maria!! You are an amazing artist - Such a unique talent!

I am still looking through your blog, but am surely a follower now and added your button. Next stop, your etsy shop!!

Email sent separatly ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Connie said...

The Smiles For Life sounds like a wonderful event! Such a great thing to do for people who need it.

As usual, your sketchings truly amaze me! What talent and vision you have!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Katie said...

As always I am amazed by your drawings, the sketches from pictures of people are especially impressive as I imagine portraits would be extra hard.

Ali said...

Sorry I took so long to reply, your artwork is awesome! Very unique, I love how you personalize by using the name to create it, very neat!!

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