Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Neighborhood and celebrating Nuptial ties...

In our Neighborhood...The past couple of weeks, as is the case in many areas around the United States, we have had quite a bit of snow and ice.

Here are some photos that I had taken just in our neighborhood!

...right across the street of our home...taken Feb 7, late afternoon.  The Lord's beauty abounds all around us!


 The day before Superbowl Sunday (Feb 2nd) there was no snow around our Neighborhood!

This is our home on Feb 5th. Our grass was visible on Feb 2nd...but by the next morning on Feb 3rd, it was covered in snow.

A view our home through our neighbors river birch. They look like fragile fingers in ice covered gloves.

Feb 7th

Many of the river birch, like this one, were bent, bowed, and broken with the weight of the ice from the ice storm.

Feb 7th

It was absolutely breathtaking to see all the beauty of the sunshine reflecting from the snow and ice.

Feb 7th

The river birch branches look like crystal ice sculptures.

Feb 7th
The ornamental grass look like stalks of spun gold.

Feb 7th
 Frozen fir trees, with limbs also touching the ground beneath them.


The snow sparkles down a path...that seems to promise a secret passage way towards the bright blue, sunlit skies and fluffy clouds.

Here is another view as I stand at the top of our driveway.  The clouds look like they are gracefully floating, enjoying the views beneath them.  (None of these photos were taken with any special filters...I wish that I could have captured the absolute, amazing sights...but nothing can compare to seeing everything as it was in real life!)


Here are a few more photos, taken on Feb 12th... celebrating our nuptials in snowy Wisconsin...

~1982 ~

My handsome hubby, handsome dad, beautiful mom, and handsome little brother (our ring bearer).

Cutting our wedding cake and very nicely :o) feeding each other a bite.

...I didn't have a bouquet of flowers, but was holding 3 long stem roses.

Fast forward 32 years later to Feb 12, 2014...on a snowy Kentucky morning...

I woke up to these three long stem roses and a card from my wonderful, handsome hubby that he had for me before he left for work.

This is a photo taken, on our way to our 6pm reservations to a great little supper club in a town near where we live.

Here we are enjoying our delicious meal. Everything was perfect. I love that the music playing was ones sung by artists like Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, etc...

& a special treat was the amazing Chocolate Raspberry torte with ganache made in house and given to us, on the house :o)


And here are some art drawn with "N" names...

 This monogram PNK  was drawn with
P entirely with the groom's name PATRICK
N entirely with their last name NALL
K entirely with the bride's name KRISTA

This initial N was drawn with the first name NICOLE

This little lion is guarding this letter N...They were drawn with this little guy's first name NOAH.
(shown in black and white and also after color was added to the little lion.)

Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's letter N!

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Eden House News and views said...

Susch Stunning photography , may I please copy the one with glistening path would like for my desktop ?

LV said...

Hello Marie, I thought of you when the bad weather hit up that way. It does make a pretty sight, but I can do without it. We had one of the worst ice storms ever for this part of the country. No snow, but the ice was really bad. You captured some great shots of the area. The first photo looks like three little bears standing and looking out over the snow covered earth. Glad you two shared a nice celebration for your very special occasion. You make such a lovely pair.

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely array of very creative photography and beautiful family ~ thanks, carol, xxx

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

You two are just too cute for words...
love the roses!

Betty said...

Your snow is beautiful. I loved your photos. I'm enjoying myself going around and seeing everyone's snow pictures. You are such a beautiful couple back then and now! Happy Anniversary.

Wandering Wren said...

Snow and sunshine, roses and romance, perfect photography, nice neighbourhood, it's marvellous Marie!
Wren x

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful pictures Maria....We are smothered in snow here!! It just won't But it makes for lovely pictures. I just came home on Tuesday...was at our oldest son's home for a week taking care of 3 little grand sons. They were in the Dominican for their first vacation. Had lots of fun!!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Beautiful snow shots! The pictures where you've caught the sun peeking through the clouds are magnificent! We had ice that covered the trees like that and the oak in our front yard bowed to the ground. I was scared it would be damaged but thankfully when the ice melted, it bounced right back!
I like your description -- "fragile fingers in ice covered gloves."

Jenny Short said...

Beautiful snow photos. We just get the short end of the beauty stick here in north Texas. Slush and icy streets. Your photography is beautiful.

fredamans said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Beautiful photos! I love how heavy the ice is and hangs the tree just so.

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