Thursday, August 8, 2013

L is for Lolli

Lolli is what I picked to be called for a "grandma" name.

Our children had different "names" that they called their grandparents and great-grandparents.
(I have lots of photos of all the grandparents and great grandparents, but with our move, the albums are still in boxes. these following photos I happen to have on our computer).

My hubby's parents were called "Papa" and "Granny". (Since my husband's mom's mom was "Granny" to my husband and his my hubby's mom chose to be called" Granny" when her mom passed away.)

In Haupuna, Hawaii with Papa and Granny holding our oldest. My hubby sister and I are in the background.

"Granny's" dad was called "Voovoo" (Grandpa in Portuguese is pronounced "Voh-voh", but Dave's family - 4th generation born in Hawaii of Portuguese descent pronounced it like "Voo-voo").

My parents were called  "Grandpa" and "Lola" (Grandma in Tagalog (Philippine language).



My mom's dad was called "Lolo" (Grandpa in Tagalog).

My Lolo and me, when I was 2 and 1/2 years old at Clark AFB, Philippines, before my family got assigned to Hanscom Airfield, Massachusetts.


My dad's parents was called "Grandma" and "Grandpa" (My "Grandpa" was able to be at our wedding, but passed away before our children were born).

My Grandma, our oldest and only child at the time, my dad, and me.

My Grandpa and me when I was almost 4 years old.


Although we dearly miss my husband's parents, his grandparents, my mom and my grandparents, we are very blessed to still have my dad and that he was able to be at both our girls' weddings.

top row: our son, my hubby, me (I blinked so my eyes are closed), older daughter, her hubby
bottom row: my dad aka "Grandpa", his sister aka my Auntie A, our younger daughter

Also another from last year at our younger daughter's rehearsal dinner, holding his great-granddaughter.

And he will be able to be at our son's wedding in a few weeks!


I wanted to be called a similar name" as my mom, but also wanted to keep her special "grandma name" to be associated with her, so I thought of "Lolli" :o)  We had thought how cute it would be to have the grandchildren call him "Pop" we could say... Do you want your "Lolli-Pop"? :o)

 Early morning wake up at Papa and Lolli's house, when they all were here for a weekend visit.

He decided on "Papa", which our little Bunny is very good at saying! And we have a little clip our daughter sent of her, after her bath.

(Hm...I should have thought of being called "Papa"! haha) So, we will see if "Lolli" will stick!
What are some Grandparent names in your family?


Here are some "L" artwork.

 Art order for a Law graduate's graduation gift, of the University of Memphis' School of Law building.
Drawn with her first name: LIBBA

This sweet Labrador was drawn with his name: LUKE

This little Lion was drawn with the first name: NOAH.

Thank you for stopping in! I am still behind with Jenny's Alphabe-thursday's "L"!
And here you can read some of the things that L stands for when talking about what Love is... to me.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Lovely family Maria...congrats on your son's upcoming wedding.

Pondside said...

So sweet!
I am Nana - easy for the little ones to say!

Monica said...

I love all the different grandma and grandpa names! Especially Lolli! Our oldest son called my dad Papa for a while, so we thought that's what he was going to be. I guess since we always said "grandpa" though, that's what stuck.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

your family is all so handsome!

My official title is "henna" - my oldest grandson came up with it and the rest just followed along!

fredamans said...

You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful generations of your tree!

Debbie Petras said...

It has been much too long since I last visited your blog! And now your son is getting married. Where have I been? Working full time and lots more that's where. It's always a pleasure to stop by and see what's going on in your world. I occasionally see you on Facebook but wanted to stop by to say hello and send you a hug across our blogs.

Blessings and love,

Lmkazmierczak said...

I am soon to be a grandma and we'll probably wait and see what the little guy (we know it's a boy)comes up with to call me♫ Thanks for stopping by my blog♥

Cathy Kennedy said...

All of my maternal grandparents' names were "Grandma & Grandpa" without exception. Even the great-grandparents were called by these names. However, I always got so confused when talking about both grandmas in the same sentence. So, to keep my brain from being frazzled, I would add their last names to grandma. That fixed that! Oops, I forgot...we called my dad's mom "Nanny". I have no idea how that choice was derived. I never knew my paternal great-grandparents.

My DH's grandmothers were called, "Mamaw" (maternal) & "Grandma" (paternal) and the grandfathers were called, "Pa" (maternal) & "Grandpa" (paternal).

DH's parents are called "Mamaw" & "Papaw" by our children, as they are the only grandkids and my parents are known by my siblings' children as "Granny" & "Papaw", but my kids call them "Grandma" & "Grandpa" since DH's dad is called "Papaw" already. I didn't want my kids to feel confused like me. lol

Very lovely "L" post. I enjoyed the read and photos. BTW, I just realized the name personalization in your artwork. Boy, am I dense or what? lol You're so talented, girl! :D

Thanks for visiting!

Lola said...

So, so sweet!

Superb *L* post – great photography!

Tracy Cook said...

I love the name Lolli for granny name . I am Granma xxx

Splendid Little Stars said...

very fun to see all the family pictures and to hear the names given grandparents! I heard only the common grandma and grandpa or grandad till fairly recently. Now I hear many dfferent names, especially mimi for grandma.
Here's wishing a wonderful wedding day for your son and his family!

LV said...

What a great post of your family and their names. We had names for my different grandparents, but my favorite was "Pama" for my grandmother on my mother's side. The little ones sometimes come up with their own, which I think is the cutest.

Jenny said...

You have such a beautiful family...

They are all very lucky to have you!

We always just stuck with the normal Grandma and Grandpa but I really like the idea of Lolli-Pop!

Lovely post for the letter "L"!

Thanks for linking.


Becky L. said...

Wonderful memories of your family. We've always just had grandpa and grandma, usually with their name behind it if we are speaking of them. To them, it's grandpa or grandma. To our adorable grandchildren, we are papa and grandma. Congrats on your upcoming son's wedding. We still have one out of two married here. Maybe down the road M will meet up with someone. Get her college degree finished next year! An accomplishment for sure! Have fun unpacking! *oh joy" Have a good week!

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