Friday, September 7, 2012

Bubble Dress...PUMPKIN inspired

Baby clothes are soooo cute! & so fun to make!

About a month ago, my hubby and I found this adorable little Pumpkin beanie at Gymboree. (Love how they have the line of clothing in coordinating sets!)

yessiree! an little hat!  So cute for the fall months ahead...October...November...

 Joining in with Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday's P!
Well, we bought the Pumpkin beanie and in my head, I thought how cute a bubble-type skirt or dress would be to go with it.  Monday, I bought some fabric to orange (with white Polka dots) to match the hat....solid green to match the trim on the hat...and also a dark orange with small herringbone style print.

So yesterday I was off from work and couldn't wait to sew...

...starting with the bodice and sleeves to a basic pattern..

ta-dah! a little Pumpkin-inspired bubble dress.

I wanted to do a different color (fabric) and added the grosgrain belt with the felt flowers (I saw this on a creative blogger's post...but will have to find her link for you)... and also wanted to do the bubble skirt... and wanted to add the grosgrain trim on the bottom.

And...I really LOVE the idea of two in I made this a reversible bubble dress. That way, while she is out socializing and happens to spill some yummy hors'devours n problem, wipe it off and turn it inside out :o)

( I made a reversible dress for Bunny's flower girl dress that she wore for her Auntie's (aka our Girly~Whirly's) wedding in May.

You can see the Polka dot fabric peeking out :o) 

I still have to do the buttons may not need them.... But I am excited that it is working out the way I imagined it in my mind.

Shhh! After I make a bib or two to match, I will be sending this out to our grandbaby Bunny! I hope it fits! I'll let you know if it does and when I get some photos of her in it, I will be sure to post them :o)

Updated post: Joining in at Work It Wednesday.

Hm...couldn't find any past orders of Pumpkins, but here is a Pineapple...
well, what do you think next...Pineapple-inspired baby romper???  just kidding...but then...maybe...

And thank you all who have contacted me to order and/or entered in the Labor Day Special, going on from Sept 1st to Sept 15th for baby-themed artwork!
Please feel free to check out my facebook page...there is still more time to enter :o)

For more info, you can go to last week's post Oh Happy Day!

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Karen Mortensen said...

That is so adorable. Great job.

Grandma Becky said...

Cute outfit you made and so creative. I will get back with you on the drawing I want you to do for us. Guess I'll just throw out some thoughts to you and see what you think. I will mark you down for next week to email you.

anitamombanita said...

Oh so cute!!! I can't wait to see photos of your little bunny in it!

Judie said...

When my kids were little, I used to make a lot of their clothes reversable! What a wonderful job you did with that darling little dress!

Needled Mom said...

That is just adorable!!!

Zia Blue said...

OMG that's so cute! loving the little hat too :3 i would totally wear that, haha.


Chris H said...

It was very clever of you to make that cute wee outfit reversible!
Well done.

Veronica Lee said...

I love, love, love the cute outfit!!

Looking forward to see Bunny in it!

Splendid Little Stars said...

so, so cute, Maria! I'm sure bunny will look adorable in it!

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm so glad I didn't miss this P-post. This outfit is so cute!

xinex said...

Awww, that is just the cutest pumpkin outfit, Maria! Bunny will be even more prettier wearing it...Christine

Jenny said...

OMG! That is perfect. I need to order one of those for Quinn!

What a perfect, perfect little hat!

And that outfit is just adorable!

I can picture your sweet Grandbaby wearing that!

I haven't forgotten about her sign, either!

I've just been laid up...but never too laid up to pop in and see you for Alphabe-Thursday!

Thank you for linking.


Jan in Oz said...

Lucky little Bunny to have such a creative grandmother. Will look forward to the photo :)

ShirleyC said...

So cute! That little beanie is adorable, but it was also great inspiration for you.

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