Friday, July 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

(This post has some edited elements from an older post in 2010.)

 A House is a building... 

 (this is our home in Georgia)

Home is where the Heart is... 
(and the Lord and a loving family is the Heart of my Home) 

 Growing up with a military dad and marrying a military man, I have lived in many homes. I have photos of some and wish I had at least one of every day, I have to go through the tons and tons of photos and find them.

 I've lived in military quarters, apartments, mobile homes, townhouses, rental homes and we've owned homes...

 Here are where my home has been throughout the years... a daughter of an Air Force dad.

Philippines -> Hanscom Airfield, Massachusetts -> Wakannai Air Force Base, Japan -> San Antonio, Texas -> Taipei, Taiwan (on Yong Ming San aka Grass Mountain) -> Clark AFB, Philippines -> Holloman AFB, New Mexico -> Eagle River, Wisconsin a wife of an Air Force/Army hubby. (My hubby was in the Air Force as a Firefighter/Crash Rescue/Spaceshuttle Rescue team when we first met...and then went to the Army to fly helicopters).

Holloman AFB, New Mexico -> Hilo, Hawaii -> Alamogordo, New Mexico -> Ft. Rucker, Alabama -> Schofield Barracks, Hawaii -> Ft. Rucker, Alabama -> Tulsa, Oklahoma -> Ozark, Alabama -> Ft. Campbell, Kentucky -> Richmond Hill, Georgia...


The military brought us to the beautiful area off the Georgia coast in 2004. 

We have taken so many, many photos since we first moved here,
but I decided to share again this slideshow of our Home being built 
and some of the events during when it was built in 2004-2005.


...and the next slideshow of our home is one that I had on an even earlier post... 
(so some of you may have already seen this too, but I thought it would be fun to see the "after") 

Friends... the welcome mat is set out to greet you.
Come on in...


 Since this slideshow was first done, we have done a little furniture changing/rearranging...


 On my next post I'd love for you to "walk" with me inside our home...I am putting together a slideshow of the inside of photos that I took last month.
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Here are a few orders of homes that I had the honor of drawing for others.

This one was for a thank you/going away gift for a military wife, whose husband served as a military commander.

This was a wedding gift to a customer's brother-in-law and his bride's beautiful old home that they are restoring.

Afterwards, that newlywed couple ordered this one for a Christmas gift, for the husband's parents gorgeous home that was being built.

There are some other orders to share, but I try to wait until they receive them in the mail, before I share them here. And I am working on some more.

Where are the places that you have lived? 
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Pondside said...

Like you, I grew up with a military dad and then married a military man, so home was always wherever I unpacked the boxes. I loved making a home out of whatever quarters or rental place we found. Three times we bought houses only to turn around and sell them quickly on posting. You, more than most, will understand how happy I was to find Pondside and to settle here.

anitamombanita said...

Another lovely post from you. Wow, you have lived in a lot of places. I'm like you, though, home truly is wherever your heart is. A house can be wonderful, but it's just a house without the love and laughter and warm feelings of family to fill it.

Having built our current house together, I can relate to how different it is. There are memories in the house, itself, because it was a labor of love for both of us during which we learned and grew and strengthened the bonds between us.

Thanks for inviting us into your lovely home! Hope you have a wonderful week.

Monica said...

Love your house and tour - We had a house built in Arizona about the same time. Got to live in it 8 months before the Air Force called us to the next base.
I love the drawings of homes - I'm going to have to keep that in mind!

Annesphamily said...

Always a wonderful time when I visit you here! Have a beautiful week and your home is quite lovely and welcoming!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

My husband grew up in a military family too, and lived in a number of places. I grew up in one town and lived there until I married and moved to another state. Our memories are quite different!
As always, your drawings are awesome!

LV said...

Marie, thanks for letting us enjoy a nice visit to your lovely home. You are right, going places is nice, but there is nothing like your own home. You have been blessed with such a great family and home. Take care.

Splendid Little Stars said...

What fun to build a house! My husband and I did that 12 years ago.
I wonder how you felt growing up moving so much. I lived in 3 houses in the same basic area when I was young--in Maryland outside of Washington, DC. Then I moved to Indianapolis where I met my husband. Let's see, I lived in about 6 places there. And 2 places in Cincinnati.
I love the idea of home/house sketches. I have friends who have a sketch of every house they've live in--about 6.

Zia Blue said...

Wow, you've moved so many times! I've lived in the same place for 13 years :P (not my entire life, but close!)

KDL said...

I lived in the same house from age 5 to 18, then moved on average every year for 12 years. I'm happy to be settled down again into one home now for 12 years. I would love to keep my home here, but of course I agree that home is where our Lord plants us. Always amazed by your drawings. Thanks for stopping by The Simple Life.

Jenny said...

Although I grew up as a military 'brat', I didn't live nearly as many places as you!

Your home is lovely now!

And, I agree, there's no place like it!

Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'H'.

I'm working my way through the alphabet AND e-mails!

Hugs and A+

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