Saturday, June 9, 2012

C is for Celebrations!

Whew! We've had a wonderful time of family celebrations!  

I look forward to joining in with Jenny's 5th round of Alphabe-Thursday and the letter "C"...
If you have been by to read my past posts, you will see that I usually manage to get only one post up a week...and Alphabe-thursdays have really helped to keep me on track!  I have tried to post a little about our family and what happens around here in our neck of the woods...

And, with each post, I had always tried to also share recently completed art orders...

For this letter "C", I will "C"atch up first on some of our "Celebrations"!

1. Our visit to our daughter (Dr. Girly~Twirly), son in law (Dr. Awesome), and our Cute, Cuddley granddaughter (Bunny).

#1...Girly~Whirly took this shot of "Papa" & "Lolli" with Baby Bunny and "Mommy" (aka Girly~Twirly
#2 & #3...Papa immediately gets some Caroline holding time.
#4 Girly~Twirly takes a pic of Papa holding Caroline...on Day 2.
#5 Group photo before Girly~Whirly has to fly back to school. (Her fiance, Dr. Amazing, had to work so he wasn't there for this photo).

First Easter!
#1 Lolli, Papa and Bunny (she is wearing her first Lilly Pullitzer dress... 
#2 Mommy (aka Girly~Twirly), Daddy (aka Dr. Awesome) & Baby Bunny...
#3 Sweetie (aka Heartbreaker's girlfriend), Uncle Heartbreaker & Bunny...

2. Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing's wedding showers. 

Wonderful shower #1 hosted and put together by Dr. Amazing's sweet mom (who is also a wedding and event planner)...
#1 A beautiful and delicious cake created like a beautiful hat fit for a Derby princess (and as some of you may know, Girly~Whirly was a Derby princess :o)
#2 This is also an amazing cake to look like hat boxes and a bridal shoe...
#4 And a third cake to look like a top hat fit for a dashing young groom such as Dr. Amazing :o)
#5 Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing stand by the cake table.
#6 Another view of the beautiful cake.
#7 The creative woman who created these cakes and Dr. Amazing's mom.

#1 We surprised Girly~Whirly...she had no idea that we were driving up to be at this shower.
#2 Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing start serving up a delicious array of food!
#3 Opening some gifts...these fabric boxes hold past Christmas ornaments...some hand made from both my hubby's mom and my mom.
#4 Holding up a fabric baby ornament that I embroidered "____ First Christmas"  and that has a photo of her in her first Christmas dress. She was born Dec 9th, so was only 16 days old.

Wonderful Shower #2 was hosted by two of her Sorority sisters at the beautiful home of Girly~Whirly's Maid of Honor's parents. 

#1 Sitting out in the backyard patio...under beautiful blue skies.
#2 With some of the girls from her Sorority and also dental classmates.
#3 Heartbreaker, Sweetie, Dr. Amazing, Girly~Whirly, me, and dad...Girly~Twirly, Dr. Awesome & Bunny were not able to fly out due to work schedules.
#4 Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing toasting marshmallows for smores on a cute mini table top "campfire".

3. Our daughter (Girly~Whirly) graduated from dental school...she is officially "Dr. Girly~Whirly" :o) So now we have two Doctor Daughters! (hm...this post could cover the letter "D" too!) 

#1 Arrived right before the ceremony line up to go in...before putting on the gowns and caps.
#2 It is official! Presenting 2012 University of Kentucky Doctors of Dentistry...
#3 Dad, Dr. Amazing, Dr. Girly~Whirly, me, Heartbreaker... (Dr. Awesome, Dr. Girly~Twirly, Bunny although unable to attend, were all there in heart).
#4 Sweetie & Heartbreaker relaxing with the new graduate before we head off to a celebration dinner.

4. The wedding of Girly~Whirly & Dr. Amazing!
Their wedding was held in the back of Spindletop Hall. (in a future post, I will share more about this gorgeous place and more details of the wedding).
 These great photos were taken by our dear friends' daughter. They were unable to attend our older daughter's (Girly~Twirly) wedding 3 years ago, but this time were able to fly from Hawaii.

Inside Spindletop Hall...
These photos were also taken by this young photographer!  I know that the photographers will have beautiful photos, but it will be a while before we get, I am soooo happy that our young friend took so many beautiful candid shots! I love her panoramic ones too! I photoshopped together, two of the panoramic shots you see here of the inside. (I will share more in a future post, since there are so many details that our son-in-law's mom and her 3 ladies, that are part of her business, created).

#1 Both dad and daughter are beaming as they walk down the aisle flanked by huge blue hydrangeas.
#2 First Kiss as Mr. & Mrs.
#3 First dance (to Etta James' A Sunday Kind of Love)
#5 The couple with Grandpa (aka my dad)
#6 "Papa", flower girl "Bunny" & "Daddy"
#7 "Sweetie", groomsman "Heartbreaker", flower girl "Bunny" & Matron of Honor "Girly~Twirly"


Here are a few past art orders that also relate to celebrations:
Celebrating a birth! Thank you Laura for thinking of this one for your niece.

Celebrating a wedding! Thank you Brandy for thinking of this for a wedding gift.

Thank you again for your visits and kind comments! It was a wonderful, wonderful, busy time spent with family and friends throughout the many Celebrations these past few months. I look forward to catching up with fun blog visits!
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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

lovely pictures must be enjoying the baby....

Pondside said...

What a lot of wonderful celebrations, Maria! You and I have both had recent weddings - the loveliest sort of celebration. It's very nice to see you back - I missed your posts!

anitamombanita said...

I've missed your posts, and now I see why! Wow, you've been busy busy busy. What a gorgeous family...what a blessing! Glad to have you back!

Veronica Lee said...

I too, missed your posts! Love the pics of your beautiful family and of course, your awesome art.

LV said...

I truly missed you and family. I can see why you have been gone. Nothing can replace time spent with loved ones. You have such nice and smart young folks. We all love our own children, but grans are the most precious. Glad your back, and I loved visiting with all your family.

spooks said...

You've been quite busy. Your family'S growing by leaps and bounds, Maria. What wonderful time and occasions you just had!...Christine

Grandma Becky said...

Congratulations grandma! The little cutie is a wonderful addition to your family. Thanks for sharing all the photos. We just spent a good portion of our day with friends whose daughter graduated high school today. It's been fun to watch her grow up from little baby to a beautiful, Godly young woman taller than me! They are like family to us as we've shared so many birthdays and grads with them, sickness/cancer treatments. Good to see a post from you. Take care and hugs!

KDL said...

Congratulations on all of the big changes and celebrations. Babies, graduations, and weddings! And thanks for sharing your amazing art.

Jen Price said...

Beautiful photos of all your celebrations! You must be so proud!

Amy said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful post with all your family celebrations. Your baby Granddaughter is precious, so adorable. :) Love your daughter's beautiful wedding!

Jenny said...

What a wonderful collection of celebrations!

Your little bunny is so precious. Gosh, she resembles your daughter and you so much!

Thanks for letting us share you lovely family.

I'm so happy you have such joy in your life!

Hugs and A+

Alicia said...

I never get tired of looking at your family pictures!!! So beautiful, and everyone always looks so happy!!!!! And wow...two doctor daughters!! God is good!

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