Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fantastic Friends and Memorable Moments

Over the years throughout our military moves, our family has been blessed with awesome friendships.  Growing up as an Air Force dependent daughter, I moved with my family about every 2 years.  And with my hubby in the military, we moved about every 3 years.  Because I have not done better with corresponding, sadly, I have lost track of some very dear friends.

Thankfully, not every friendship has been lost.  No matter how many miles away or how long it has been...when we are given the opportunity to get together, it is like no time has passed!  Of course, when we talk about times where we first met and where our kids are now, it is amazing to realize just how time has flown!

This past Friday and Saturday, Mr. B and I were very, very blessed to have our dear friends T and K fly down to spend some time with us!  T and Mr. B flew helicopters in Hawaii together and we lived across the street from each other on Schoffield Barracks, Hawaii. They took care of our girls when I went to the hospital to have our son. And we took care of their two girls when K had their 3rd daughter.

Oh, how wonderful the fellowship was! Laughter over memories, current moments, and future plans :o) (Our heartbreaker and their beauty that were born in Hawaii, can't get away from the parents' dreams and schemes of an arranged marriage haha... the workings of getting the stallions and dowery, etc are brought up during phone convos or whenever we get the chance to be together :o)  Of course, we don't talk exclusively about the combining of our families, but the two young 'uns know that at some point this is enthusiastically discussed amongst the parents :o)

The time was short, but so sweet and greatly appreciated!  Here is a video clip of some photos with these dear friends...

And this one is of some more special times shared over the years with the L family...

And here are some photos of some completed orders that I have meaning to post.

This Personalized Sketches artwork was ordered for a wedding gift.  It was a monogram that was from the wedding announcement of Erin & Keith Nacis.  A happy celebration to a new life together as one.

The next one was given in memorial of a little one that went on to be with the Lord.  A sweet little one,  dearly loved and in her short time on earth became such a big part of her family's heart.

The couple was done for Nancy from BacardiMama as a Christmas gift for her in-laws.'s a surprise ;o)

These cute dachshunds belong to Suzanne from Coloradolady. You can see some photos of her precious pups on her blog.

Thank you all for your orders! I have enjoyed drawing them and appreciate your interest!  I do have quite a number of others that are completed and I will be posting them the next time.

I do appreciate each and everyone of you that come by and also thank you for your comments.

Blessings & Aloha!


Bacardi Mama said...

I love reading your posts. I can't wait for my in laws to see their drawing. I keep taking it out and looking at it. Thank you so much for your amazing talent.

Leslee said...


I love the picture slide show pregram... So fun!!

Can't wait to see the results of your drawings, the kids will be so thrilled...


Coloradolady said...

Oh, they look so sweet....of all the things I own, this has become my prized possession...after the dogs themselves of course....I'm going to email you Monday...I found the envelope.. :( Thanks for sharing your talent with others...

HeatherOz said...

So nice to have life long friends!I always enjoy your slide shows! I think I'm gonna have to try one!

Debbie said...

How wonderful to see old friends. My, you've gone through much together. So glad that you were able to reconnect. Maybe she will follow your blog to make the connecting a bit easier, no matter how far away they are. It looks like a friendship that will last forever.

Thank you for your visits to Heart Choices and your kind words on my sis. It means so much.

Sending you a hug across our blogs,

Jen said...

Catching up with old friends is the best! Your work is amazing! And you are self taught? I know I am creative in other ways but I've always secretly wished that I could draw or paint or something. I love how you did the art with names!

Mom said...

Maria, I just came over from Nina's blog. I loved the photo video's
I may have to get you to draw my dog Maggie after seeing the one of the 3 dogs. That is awesome.
God bless, Wanda W.

Barb said...

Hi Marie,

It is so great you could re-connect with old friends.
Jeff and Dorothy have made some good friends and they are hoping they will all be stationed together. Maybe....

Your work is beyond belief. God has blessed you.


Valerie said...

Love your drawings! You sure have been busy. Thanks for stopping by this morning. Your comments are so sweet!

Regarding your question about the 3 little pictures below each post -it is a widget that I found somewhere. If you look below the 3 pictures there are the words, LinkWithin
Click on that (it is a link) that will take you to the place where you can set one up on your blog.

Hope it helps!

Alicia said...

What a blessing to have a friendship like that! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures from the past and present. My friend and I have the same thing going on with our two youngest children. Her son (6 years old), refers to my daughter as his wife already. It's so cute!!

I loved your sketches. What an awesome talent you have!!!

Connie said...

Such a blessing to have friends. We have moved around a bit and in every place, we've made close friends who will ALWAYS be our friends!
Beautiful pictures. The picture done with Paige, tugs at the heart strings. What a blessing for that family to have such a beautiful picture to remind them of their little one.
Have a wonderful day.

Barb said...

Hi Marie,

Thank you for stopping by. Jeff is a "newbie". He finished bootcamp in June and then flew right to Monterey to the Defense Language Institute (learning Indonesian). He should be there for a year and then he has his AIT. He is also an older soldier (30).
I am so proud of him for accomplishing his dream. I do miss them like crazy though!


LV said...

Nothing more precious than family and friends. Enjoyed your presentation of their visit. Also, you did a super job on all the sketches you shared today. Take care.

Becka said...

Hey my friend,
I think its great seeing friends like that ,how wonderful that is,

I love the drawings once again,,
you outdo yourself everytime,
I am still going to get you to do me some,
but it probably will wait till after christmas,
I got to have some,
love ya,

2003beachbunch said...

Love all the new orders! You are so talented! I was just showing my hubby your work!
Sorry I haven't been by lately. We have been crazy busy!
I am so glad that you got to reconnect with old friends! I have to say I think that is one of my favorite parts of military life. (meeting new friends!)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

you continue to amaze me with your skills and patience!

santamaker said...

Enjoyed your slide shows and so glad that you had a wonderful visit !

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Beautiful art work! And beautiful times with friends! We had some special friends over yesterday and we know exactly what you mean!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hello wonderful friend! I am so glad you had such a great time with your friends! I love Savannah and all of your photos are so fun!

I just adore the monogrammed drawing...what a unique wedding present.

I hope you are having a fab week! xoxo

Joanne said...

Just discovered your blog and your wonderful artwork. I run an art blog that focuses on fun art ideas and artists. I had to post on you after seeing your work. It will run tomorrow if you want to check it out.

I was also a child of the airforce and can relate to your moves every two years.

Ana said...

Marie, you are so talented, what an inspiration! I absolutely love those!

Alex said...

Thank you so much Maria for your series of comments on the drawings I did on my blogsite. It's just overwhelming and my day is filled with nothing but joy.
I really like your style, and your unique technique of using names. I believe it requires such precisiton and patience to do them, almost like they are being done using special computer program or something. I seriously can't see myself achieving such high level of artistry, it's amazing! :)
Thanks again and the best of luck in your work.

Jen said...

Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! :)

xinex said...

How wonderful for you to stay in touch with friends from Hawaii and still get together. Enjoyed the slide shows! You are so cute!...Christine

KateB said...

man, I looked at these close up-girl, you are talented-htere is no room for mess ups like in scrapbooking! loved the slide show too :)

Kristin said...

There's not much better than good times with good friends! I'm already setting up the dude with one of my friend's daughters. One is 11 mos. and one is 2.5, so it will depend on whether he likes older or younger women. Ah ha ha

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