Thursday, July 2, 2009

Comments on comments... Can you see 'em?

Photo: Writing by Lise Daigle

This is probably a no-brainer, but I was wondering...

*when someone comments on one of my posts. (And thank you so much for commenting :o)

...and then I leave a comment about that comment.

...does that person I commented back to, see the comment I left?*

...does my comment of their comment, just sit there for them to see, IF they happen to come back to that post's comment?

since I dont know yet how that all works, I realized, hmmm, maybe I need to go to their blog to let them know... (I have done this before, but not everytime)

(please do leave a comment and help me get it all straight :o)

well, from now on, I think I will leave any replies on your blogs. BUT until I know better...

To ALL of you who have ever left a's a big, big

and also wanted to post some other drawings that I've completed.
This copy of the original was done "pre-etsy", ordered right before I graduated.
How sweet was the photo that this was drawn from!

"Porkchop" really was smiling and loving the attention! (He was drawn with the name "TRAVIS").

And you could see the bond that the two share. (Travis was drawn with "PORKCHOP's" name).

This next one is a photo of the original (I just put one of my demo mats on it, before shipping it off) was the first etsy shop order... Thank you to T. Patterson for being the first through Etsy :o) and congratulations to Tyler for quite an accomplishment!

I appreciate the email sent to me yesterday:
Maria: ...I got the drawing on Friday. ...The drawing is PERFECT! It turned out beautifully and Tyler is so proud to finally have one for himself. Thank you for a beautiful commemoration for his big day. T. Patterson


Blogalicious Designs said...

Good questions, Maria!

Ok, the only way that a commenter will be alerted of future comments is if they happen to check the box that says "email me follow-up comments".

Now, when their comment comes to your email, if their email address if attached to it, you can always just reply to that email, rather than commenting. But if they don't have their email attached to their comments, then it will come to you with no email address.

Make sense?


Debbie said...

You are so talented. I love your sketches. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate that you ask for our opinions regarding comments. With Blogger there's a setting where you get emailed when someone comments on your blog. I try to send a little note back to them saying thank you but I can only do that if they have their email address. Some commenters have a no-comment reply. I know I've visited blogs that I commented on and occasionally see a response but I have to say most times I would miss it. I follow too many blogs to come back each time to see.

momstheword said...

I go on the person's blog and leave my comment there, as I think that they probably won't see it otherwise.

That's why you don't see any comments from me on my own blog (unless they don't have a blog).

xinex said...

Looks like you already got your response about commenting. I love your sketches. You are really talented. Now to answer your questions about my kids, they are all married now and they all live in FL. I have 2 grandchildren. My hubby (second husband) and I live in Natchez, MS. but we own a house in FL so we go there a lot too to visit the kids. My kids do not know how to speak Filipino....Christine

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